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The Quarantine Retrospective

Recently, I've been observing. I've been noticing how transparent the view from my window has become. The dust, that would usually blur the view like an old iPhone camera has filtered out to give us that clear 20/20 vision, where we can see till the end of the horizon.

I keep looking, and I start to see what could be. At the end of the road, I see a smaller economic gap. In the building opposite me, I see an array of windows filled with families laughing, sharing and enjoying a meal together. I see a farmer’s market, where people are making way to let the other pass. And from the corner of my eye, I see the trees smiling again.

For the first time, I see a flicker of this possibility becoming a reality. Where we have an opportunity and the ability to change the things that operated on ‘auto’ and make more deliberate decisions. An opportunity to re-calibrate ourselves with our society, our environment, our nation and our world.

Illustration by DAQ

These few weeks have been exceptionally different from how we’ve generally led our lives (unless you’ve always been an agoraphobic). The continuous cogwheel that defined our days have taken a break and instead, we get a chance to choose for ourselves, what we want to invest our time in every day.

It’s amazing to see how everyone has found ways to connect with each other, whether it’s watching a movie ‘together’ over a video call with our loved ones or engaging with our community by sharing recipes, or even just creating and participating in fun quizzes on Instagram. There’s a sense of togetherness in everything we do.

While we might not forget the bigger implications of this pandemic, I wanted to create something that helps us remember the little things that our brain tends to ‘auto’ delete from our internal memory stick; the subtle musings we've been pondering over, the change we want to see. Hence, came about ‘The Quarantine Retrospective’, an e-journal of sorts that you either fill up on your computer or print and write down your experiences during this time.

There are 4 aspects to it: Memories, Learnings, Changes and Wishes.

You can download the pdf for free here.

Here's a little preview of the pages:

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