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Be Stubborn about Sustainability

It’s as simple as that.

Forget climate change, animal extinction, pollution. If I ask you, when you throw away a piece of plastic into the trash, does it really sit well with you knowing that its end of life is a million years away?

Think of it like a meal that doesn’t digest for your entire lifetime. How does THAT sit with you?

At some point or the other, most of us have thought about adopting a greener lifestyle. So how do we go about it?

The easiest way is to break it down to smaller steps:

What is that one thing you’ve been wanting to adopt to lead more sustainably?

What do you feel are your blockers? Sometimes it can be the lack of infrastructure, or the relatively higher prices of the more ‘sustainable’ products, or even lack of a reputed brand makes us cautious about its quality. The other two reasons are more inward: laziness and habit. You might want to segregate your waste, yet, habit is such that even before thinking, you’ve thrown something recyclable into trash. Laziness is the devil, if there was one. The idea of sustainability is great, buy in bulk and refill. But the convenience of ‘use and throw’ is sometimes quite intoxicating. Why go through the hassle of buying in bulk and refilling smaller units as required when you get the handy size readily available?

Once we recognize our blockers, we can also then truthfully evaluate how important it is for us. Are we just jumping on that bandwagon of leading a ‘sustainable life’? Or are we committed enough to act upon our blockers and make a real change, a bigger impact?

I always say even the smallest actions count. Be it taking your own reusable bag when going out to shop, or reusing takeout containers, they all make a difference. I don’t want to tell you what are the steps because there is no one definite way.

But when it comes to products, there are three ways of going about it:

1. Buy consciously: purchase products that will last, buy locally, buy products that are bio-degradable/recyclable, buying perishables in bulk.

2. Recycle/Reuse aggressively: Keep giving a product life by reusing it to its full potential. Once the utility of the product is over, taking it apart to its elements and segregating them into trash and recyclables.

3. Live Minimally: Adopting a more minimalist lifestyle of understanding what you really need and investing in just that.

Let’s not constipate the Earth. Any system that is clean can function more efficiently and last longer.

This Earth Day, lets prioritize the Earth in our lives again.

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